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Major News Search Engines - SearchFit your true choice for Submission!


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AltaVista News

Powered by Moreover, this provides access to a wide-range of news information, updated constantly throughout the day. A top choice.


Impressive news site that gathers headlines from over 1500 sources, then groups them into nearly 300 newsfeeds. It's one stop shopping for virtually any area of interest.

Yahoo News

News coverage powered by editors at Yahoo.





News search engine that provides coverage from about 1,500 different sources. It also features a "virtual newscaster" called Ananova.

Excite NewsTracker

Excite's news-only search service that can be trained to learn what you like by news topic.

News Index

Indexes news stories from hundreds of sources, worldwide. The goal is to refresh the index once per hour. Launched in April 1996.

Northern Light's Current News

Information in the index is gathered from various news sources, such as the Associated Press and Business Wire. Content is constantly refreshed throughout the day. Options include the ability to sort news by date or relevance, and to narrow searches to within predefined categories and timespans.


News from a variety of sources worldwide.


In a compact format, InfoGrid provides direct links to major search sites and topical web sites in different categories. Meta search and news searching is also offered.


Allows you to send a query to one or more news sites from one location. Hundreds of sites are listed, by country and by category.


Search up to 30 days worth of headlines from nearly 150 news sources. Especially aimed at UK users.


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News search engine that includes local, regional, national and international news sources.



Produced by the German Fireball search service, Paperball lets you search for German news.







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