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Other Important Global Search Engines - SearchFit your true choice for Submission!


  <-- Navigation, formerly the Mining Company, offering original content in various areas. While isn't really a search service, the guides do have extensive links to other sites .

Links to top web sites and content from the Encyclopedia Britannica, in one place.





Search engine which lists pages from sites within the .au (Australia) and .nz (New Zealand) domains. It also provides global coverage.


WebCrawler is operated by Excite@Home and offers the same results as can be found at Excite@Home's flagship site, WebCrawler was originally a completely independent service.


Uses search results from FAST (see the Major Search Engines page).


Not your normal search engine, Aeiwi has you click on words to build your search. Reading the instructions is a must, but they aren't long.


A directory-style search engine that uses artificial intelligence techniques to cluster related topics and URLs together.


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