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Canadian Search Engines

AOL Search Canada
This Canadian version of AOL Search uses the Open Directory's human-categorized results and crawler-based results from Inktomi. Information is filtered so that Canadian-specific sites should come first, in response to searches.

AltaVista Canada
This service provides access to a crawler-compiled index of millions of Canadian-specific web pages.




LookSmart Canada
English-Canadian edition of LookSmart. Directory content is also used by Canadian portals such MSN Canada.

MSN Search Canada
Canadian-version of MSN Search .

Yahoo Canada
Canadian edition of Yahoo. .

Excite Canada
Canadian-edition of the Excite search engine.

Canadian Links
Features both a directory of Canadian web sites and a crawler-based index of Canadian web pages.
Canadian retailers are grouped by province, then by product or service category.

AltaVista Canada - Canadian News Index
The Canadian News Index gathers information from over 300 Canadian news sources daily.


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La Toile du Québec
Search through a directory of Quebec web sites or across the entire web, with results powered by Google.

Provides access to Canadian information from the Open Directory, as well as a meta search of major Canadian search engines.

The Canadian, Eh
Directory of Canadian web sites, said to be family safe.







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