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SearchFit Automated Search Engine Submission your TRUE choice for submission!


Search Engine Submission
Search Engine Submission
(Automated )
$ 99
Standard Submit service will promote your web site using a registration database for 3000 search engines and directories included all major Search Engines.

After filtering for search engines and directories that match the type of business and geographic location associated with your web site, registration will occur to about 3000 search engines and directories on average
Once the Automated Registration is complete, you will receive a submission report via e-mail that will tell you where your web site was successfully submitted.

Please note:
To get a proper listing in the major search engines you need to install a Meta Tag. Minimum requirements are: Title + Keywords + Description from your web site. In case you donít have a meta tag installed please use our METATAG SERVICES!


What search engines don't like
Search engines now know of the following techniques and define it as "spam".
Currently, sites that use invisible text are banned from most of the major search engines.

The following techniques are spam:
--> Meta refresh tags
--> Invisible text and overuse of tiny text
--> Irrelevant keywords in the title and meta tags
--> Excessive repetition of keywords
--> Overuse of mirror sites (same sites that point to different URLs)
--> Submitting too many pages in one day
--> Identical or nearly identical pages
--> Submitting to an inappropriate category (for directories)

Once the Submission is complete, you will receive a  submission report via e-mail that will tell you where your web site was successfully submitted. 

 SearchFit Search Engine Submission , will submit your web site
 based on your keywords for best search engine placement. We will boost
 your web site ranking in the search engines. Improve your rankings with our
 optimization services.
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