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Asian - Wide Search Engines

AltaVista Asia
AltaVista mirror site based in Malaysia.

Directory listings for over 30 Asian countries, plus a meta search feature.

Yahoo Asia
Asian edition of Yahoo. It searches all of Yahoo, by default.




Directory of web sites focusing on 14 Asian countries including China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia.
Armenian directory of web sites.

Directory of Asian web sites.

China Search Engines

Yahoo Chinese
Chinese-language edition of Yahoo for China and Taiwan.

Asiaco China
Directory of Chinese web sites.

Asiaco Hong Kong
Directory to Hong Kong web sites.

Indian Search Engines

SAIR Search
SAIR (South Asian Internet Resources) is a search engine for India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

A major directory of India web sites.

Locate India
A search engine for information on the Indian economy and Indian business.

Asiaco India
Directory of Indian web sites.

Indian Index
Directory of Indian web sites.
Portal site focused on India.
India-specific directory search combined with Google web search results.

Guide to Indian web sites.

Search Over a database of over 60,000 indian companies

Japan Search Engines

Search Engine Watch of Japan.

Inktomi-powered search engine serving Japan.

Lycos Japan
Lycos performs a special crawl of Japanese sites to power this service.

Yahoo Japan

Asiaco Japan
Directory of Japanes web sites.

Malaysia Search Engines

Malaysia Directory

New Malaysia
Directory listings plus a meta search feature

Asiaco Malaysia
Directory of Malaysia web sites.

Saja Search
A Malaysian directory and search engine.

Philippines Search Engines

Asiaco Philippines
Directory to Philippine web sites.

Directory of Philippine web sites or sites of interest to Filipino Americans.
Directory of Philippine web sites.

Other Asian Countries

SAIR Search
SAIR (South Asian Internet Resources) is a search engine for India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Lists Singapore-based and Singapore-related web sites.


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Yahoo Korea

Directory of Nepal web sites.

Gorgai Thailand
Directory of Thai web sites and sites relating to Thailand.







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